Before the Big Freeze

It is going to get cold here on Wednesday. Big time cold according to Virginia standards. Thank goodness we are not in the same league as Chicago but it will be nippy here.

Knowing of the the forth coming chill I squeezed in a quick walk in the woods today. It’s all in the hood, so how can I resist?

A walk in the hood.

Winter Walk

Well it happened. It is winter so I know it would. We had about 10 inches of snow last weekend. As I looked out on the drifts in the yard I decided to make the best of it and learn how to enjoy the snow event as it seems it will be repeating itself a few times in the forth coming weeks. I grabbed my camera and called my photo assistant/rescue dog and headed off to the woods.

I thought I would be the first one to make a path through the woods on a Sunday morning. It was not to be as there was already trampled snow in the woods. After a few feet I was happy that there had been trail blazers that had gone before me. Here are a couple of photos from the morning expedition.

My photo assistant blazing the trail.

A few sun rays break through.


We had our first snow storm of 2019 this past weekend. We received about 10 inches or so and are now plodding though the drifts.

The big entertainment for me was watching the birds in the backyard. We have a few feeding stations and they were packed all day with hungry birds. Here are a few shots of the birds from yesterday.

Here is a backyard sparrow looking for some seeds.

One of the remaining robins in our area eating a few of the berries still on the trees.

One of the remaining robins in our area eating a few of the berries still on the trees.

A blue jay waiting in line for some seeds.

A Sunny Day

It does occasionally stop raining here. When the sun finally reappears you have to get out and savor the moments of the warm rays.

It was sunny yesterday and I headed out for the woods. It was great.

A Winter Walk

It hasn't rained here for a few days now which is big news during our record setting rainy year. Finally the forest was dry enough to walk again. It wasn’t a sunny day but it was dry.

A winter trail in the woods near our house.

Christmas in Washington DC

I know it is hard to connect the principles of Christmas with Washington DC these days, but it is still Christmas here. There is new day dawning.

Here is a Christmas scene in Washington this year.

Capitol Christmas Tree at sunrise.

Maryland Countryside

A couple of weeks ago I was driving through some of Maryland’s countryside on a back road. With the constant congestion on Interstate 95 it is often quicker on the country roads.

I spotted this stone house out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and managed to find a safe view point. A nice pause in the journey.

Country side in Maryland.

Christmas at Union Station in Washington DC

Washington DC does not decorate for the holiday season like some other cities do but there are some places that have holiday decorations. One of my favorites is Union Station. Here are some pictures of Union Station at night.

Night time at Union Station

The Main Hall at Union Station during a quiet Saturday night.

Sunrise on the Susquehanna River

Not too long ago I was exploring some spots on the Susquehanna River. As I was checking out the area I came upon this sunrise on the Susquehanna. Just for a moment the sun was able to pierce through the clouds with a shaft of golden light. A good moment.

Sunrise on the Susquehanna River in Maryland.

The Autumn Comes to an End

It is starting to be cold here on a regular basis. We even had snow this week. At least it has all melted away already but the Autumn season is rapidly closing and winter is almost here. Here are a couple of pictures taken during my walk today.

The last of the leaves.

End of Autumn-1.jpg

Autumn in New York City

I was in New York at the beginning of November. The weather was great and the trees were just turning colors. Central Park is a wonderful place to wander on a sunny autumn day. Here are a couple more pictures from my day in the park.

Central Park colors

Now this is ice skating weather.

The Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Here is a night time photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge. You can see the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge in the distance. This is the BMW on the East River. I never grow bored photographing the bridges in New York.

I exposed this picture for 90 seconds. You can click on the picture for a larger image.

Good Night New York, Good Morning New York

I truly enjoy going to New York. It’s a fascinating city. I am beginning to be familiar with the city and have found some great places for sunrise and sunset pictures. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Good Night New York

Good Morning New York.

One of My Favorite Places

I travel into DC frequently to catch those early mornings before the sun comes up and the traffic gets too crazy. Parking is always easy.

One of my favorite spots for the Washington Monument is from Constitutional Gardens. A great view of the Monument and wonderful reflections. Here is a picture for those of you who sleep past 5 AM. Even if you do get up that early you can still enjoy this moment.

A Trip on the Staten Island Ferry

The best deal in New York City is the Staten Island Ferry. The trip is free and you get fantastic views of the city and the Statue of Liberty. I took the ferry about or so before sunset. It’s a little crowded on the New York side so allow yourself a little extra time in the event you have to wait for a second ferry. Here are a few photos that capture the journey.

Here is the ferry leaving Manhattan.

A view of New Jersey as the sun sets.

The Statue of Liberty as seen from the ferry.

The World Trade Center as the sun is low in the sky.

Here you see the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg in the the distance. It’s the BMW.

A Historical Location

What do you think of when you hear Wall Street? Indeed, finance comes to our mind. However, Wall Street is one of our most historical locations as a founding location for the United States. Indeed, this is the location for the first inauguration of the first president of the USA, George Washington. It is also the founding location for the US financial system as you can find Alexander Hamilton’s grave, the first Treasury Secretary of the U.S., just down the road.

Here is a photo of George Washington over looking the NYSE. The past and the current connected.

George Washington overlooking the NYSE.

Brooklyn Bridge

One of my favorite locations in New York City is the historic Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge was officially opened in 1883. During the construction of the bridge 27 men died, many from the bends which happened from digging the foundation of the bridge. Here are couple shots of the bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge on a cloudy morning.

Morning view of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

A Trip To the National Gallery

This past week I went to the National Gallery in Washington DC. I arrived in time for the sunset. It was a night of great clouds and amazing colors. Perfect for photography.

This is the West Building of the National Gallery. It was completed in 1941.

This is the East Building and was designed by I.M. Pei. and opened in 1978.

Backyard Wildlife

I never know what animals I might encounter while walking the dog or just going through the woods in the backyard. The tough thing is to see the animals while I have my camera and for the animal to allow me to get a good shot. Most of the time this doesn’t happen but this past week I had a serendipitous moment when everything came together.

Coyote or Coy Wolf?

Coyote catching some afternoon sun


Backyard Photography

This year has been fun as we have attracted many birds into our yard. One of my favorites to watch is the hummingbird. Here is a picture of the red throated hummingbird.

Red Throated Hummingbird