An Evening walk around the Notre Dame

It was my first night in Paris and I was battling jet-lag.  I wanted to go to sleep but knew 6 PM would only result in a 3 AM wake-up.  I knew Notre Dame was only a short distance from my hotel so I mustered up all my steam and headed for the streets.

I emerged from the Metro at Hotel de Ville.  I was expecting to see an old hotel but instead came out to this plaza.

Hotel de Ville Plaza

Hotel de Ville Plaza

It was a great delight to explore this unexpected place.  Below is a brief slide show of the Plaza.


The tiredness was gone and we began to explore the area.  We had walked into an area of wonderful cafes and, of course, Notre Dame.  Below you will find some of cafes and scenes of Notre Dame.  The front of the cathedral is impressive but the best photos are taken from the back of Notre Dame.  A slide show is below.