Winter in Washington DC Part 2

As I drove home yesterday I was thinking about the sunrise.  I was a little disappointed as the sunrise wasn't as spectacular as I had hoped.  Perhaps when you wake up a couple of hours before the sunrise and stumble to your spot in the darkness your expectations are higher but I left thinking that it will be better next time.  I was actually surprised when I downloaded my pictures as they were better then I had thought.

My picture of the Lincoln Memorial was taken as I began walking back to the car.  I had given up as huge group of runners had dominated the stairs prior to sunrise and the tourists were starting to show up.  I turned around for one last look and was surprised to see the sun illuminating Lincoln Memorial.  Not only had the colors shown up but the people had disappeared.  A serendipitous moment.




I decided to go inside quickly as the crowds had momentarily disappeared.  I found the Memorial void of people with only sunrays as my companions inside.

Abe with sunrays guarding his flank.