Sunrise at the Washington Monument

I looked at the temperature on my phone and saw that it was only 8 degrees fahrenheit.  I thought it might be better to remain in bed but forced myself out.  My goal was to photograph the Memorial Bridge in Washington DC at sunrise and I headed out to try and capture it.

I had no trouble finding parking and headed towards the bridge but got distracted on my way.   The sun was beginning to wake-up but I thought I had time for just one photo.  I set-up my tripod and focused in on the Washington Monument.

I then began to wonder what it would look like on the other side of the snow covered reflecting pond.  The sun would soon appear and I knew I had to go fast during these golden moments in the pre-dawn morning.

Just a couple of minutes later and the sky had changed dramatically.

I was happy that I checked out both side.  I started to take down the tripod and head for the bridge but then remembered to turn around and see what was behind me.

A rare moment when no one is at the Lincoln Memorial.

Finally a race to the bridge.

The Arlington National Cemetery is in the background.

I'm happy I got out as we are now having another snow storm.