World War 2 Living History

Living History is a group the re-enacts aspects of World War 2.  The re-enactors wear actually uniforms and display original equipment from World War 2.  This past weekend Living History sponsored an event here is the Washington DC area.  

I attended the event and found it informative and interesting.  The re-enactors are quite knowledgeable about their gear and explained how it was used in the war.  They also had field demonstrations of training exercises.  Smoke was fired and the guns sounded but no bullets were used.

Here are a few of my photos from the event.  I processed them to match the era they represented.  Each photo can be seen larger by clicking on it.

Here is the gear that a paratrooper carried when he jumped from a plane.

The arm band of paratrooper from the 82nd Division.

The re-enactors planning their moves.  The next photo shows them as they deploy.

The following 2 photos are of German gear.