World War 2 Memorial

I was out of the house by 5 AM and was committed to arriving before the sunset at the US Supreme Court Building.  I found parking and quickly walked to the Supreme Court planning my photos as I walked towards the building.  Shock and disbelief followed as I discovered that the Supreme Court building was being covered with scaffolding.  I guess they wanted it to match the US Capital across the street.  It was now 6 AM and the sun would rise in 27 minutes.  I didn't want to waste my efforts and switched to plan B.  

I began driving towards the World War 2 Memorial hoping that I could find parking and get set up before sunrise.  I found parking and sprinted towards the monument with about 300 pounds of camera gear.   I had just a few minutes left to get there and snap away.

I made it and was quite surprised.  Sun was still good and there was not another person at the monument.  Here are a few of the my photos from the morning.  Click for a larger image.

Just before the sun began to rise.

The sun is rising