Surprising Morning

I thought of some new angles for some monuments in DC the past week.  Weather conditions looked great for today and my schedule was open.  A perfect time to go into DC on a quiet Saturday morning for some sunrise photos. 

As I began my drive I listened to music but then decided to quickly check traffic conditions even though I knew it would be quiet in town.  Imagine my shock to hear that the African-American museum was having it's grand opening this morning and most of the Mall was being closed to traffic.  When you get out of bed at 5 AM for a sunrise you do not let a little negative news deter you.  I knew alternative parking spots and locations so I remained confident that I would be able to accomplish my goal without hindrance. 

Wrong.  After being redirected and blocked from all my secret spots I found myself in a location that I had never been in before.  I parked my car and began to jog to my location that I had carefully planned only discover that it was now covered by stands, tents, lights and many people none which enhanced my photo.  I took a few shots and headed back to my car. 

As I came to my car I discovered a new view of the Arlington Memorial Bridge which I had not seen before.  I really liked the scene and took the photo below.  Just as I had planned.