A Trip to Conowingo Dam

When I was growing up bald eagles were extremely rare to see.  I couldn't imagine seeing these magnificent birds and being able to photograph them.  That was another century.  Now the eagles have returned to many locations but I still find them amazing.

Each year I travel to Conowingo Dam in Maryland to photograph the eagles.  It is an amazing place to see these wonderful birds.  This year I was again able to accompany two outstanding photographers to enjoy the day seeing and photographing the eagles.  We saw many eagles again.

This blog will follow a sequence of events that I was able to record. It was fun to see an eagle hunting trip from start to finish.  There will be more photographs this time but I am a photographer and this is a photo blog.  I hope you experience the same excitement that I did during this series of pictures.

This is an immature eagle watching the river for lunch.  A fish and wildlife official standing by me estimated the age of this eagle to about 3 to 4 years old.

Something looks very interesting.  I think it's my lunch.

I'm off.  I think I can get.

I have you in my sight.  I'm going to get it.

Gear down.  I SEE YOU.


It's going to taste better then it looks.