A Trip to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge

I have the opportunity to travel to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Maryland this past week.  It was a great experience even though it was a little chilly.  The refuge is about a 2 hour drive from Washington DC.

Before going to the refuge I telephoned the ranger to learn if the snow geese were still at the refuge or had traveled to their winter location already.  She informed me that the Blackwater is their winter home and will stay until March when they had back to their summer home.  I would have chosen an alternative winter location but I was happy that the geese had selected Blackwater.

As we arrived we quickly found the geese and observed their calm behavior just sitting out on the water-ice.  Nice but not really exciting.  Just click on any of the pictures for a larger image.

Occasional movement but just enjoying the sunshine.

Suddenly we heard a great commotion as the geese began to feverishly honk.  The noise was loud.  Just as suddenly they all took off.

A wall of snow geese suddenly filled the sky.

It was amazing to watch the geese fly.  They were like a school of fish darting through the water.

I was able to isolate a few of the geese as they swung towards us.

Just as quickly as they had taken off they returned to the same general area and resumed enjoying their winter home.