The Lincoln Memorial at the Spring Solstice

The Lincoln Memorial catches unique lightning each year at the time of the spring solstice. It is only for a couple of days that the sun’s rays are in perfect alignment with the statue of Lincoln inside the Memorial. The rest of the year the statue is always shaded.

You must be at the Memorial at sunrise to capture this scene. The Lincoln statue is illuminated for a few moments and then the sun is too high in the sky. In addition to precise timing you need clear skies. Everything worked this year and I was finally able to capture the golden moment.

I took a photo of Lincoln prior to sunrise.

The scene is set with clear skies as I look out onto the National Mall from between the columns at the Lincoln Memorial. The sun is beginning to rise and it is looking good.

Suddenly the sun reaches the perfect spot and the memorial is illuminated. Notice the shadows of the front pillars behind Lincoln. A successful morning.