It's spring in Washington DC, so It's Cherry Blossom Season

It’s that time of the year again. The cherry blossoms are blooming. The Washington Post said the peak of the blossoms this year would be April 1. Not sure if that’s a joke or the truth so I decided to go into DC on the 2nd.

Cherry Blossom time in DC is always an adventure. Even during the balance of the year you are never sure which roads might be closed or where the next demonstration will be. Driving and PARKING are always challenging. Cherry Blossom season is challenge on steroids.

This year I decided to go to the Washington Monument to photograph the blossoms. Not as famous as the Tidal Basin but still worthwhile. I found parking without problem and arrived at my location for the sunrise. All the grass was fenced off. It seemed impossible to get to the trees and still see the Monument. As I was walking down the fenced in walk way I found an opening. What do you call a break in the fence? A gate. I entered into the grasslands and was able to get these shots.

The sun is just beginning to appear as the moon is still present the Washington Monument.

The sun rising on the National Mall.

Another view of the cherry blossoms.